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Erdemli is the name of a district town and a district in the Turkish province of Mersin. The district is located in the center of the province and is bordered to the north by Karaman and Konya. The city itself is located on the Mediterranean Sea along the coast highway Europastraße 90 The Alatafluss flows right through the city into the Mediterranean. Erdemli has 46 903 and County 126 538 inhabitants ( 2010). 62 percent of the county is woodland and 17 percent is used for agriculture.

The county Erdemli was formed in 1954 and in addition to the city Erdemli ten more municipalities ( Kızkalesi, Ayaş, Limonlu, Kocahasanlı, Esenpınar, Kumkuyu, Tömük, Çeşmeli, Kargıpınarı and Arpaçbahşiş ) and 50 villages.


In the district Erdemli there are several archaeological sites:

  • Korykos with numerous surrounding ruins in the region around Kızkalesi
  • Churches and tombs in Cambazli
  • The rock tombs of Adamkayalar
  • The ancient city of Sebaste Elaiussa
  • The Roman-Byzantine architectural complex Akkale
  • The ancient city Kanytelleis ( Kanlidivane )