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Anamur is a Turkish 1241 km ² large district town in the province of Mersin (formerly called İçel ) and is located about 120 kilometers east of Alanya on the Mediterranean coast opposite the island of Cyprus whose mountains are seen in fine weather. The city center is 76 km away from Cyprus. The city has 33 935 inhabitants. With its villages along the circle counts 63 011 inhabitants ( 2008).

The place is known by the location in the immediate vicinity ancient city Anemurion and the castle of Mamure ( Turkish Mamure Kalesi ). The Cape Anemurion lies at the southernmost point of Asia Minor and is actually called "Windy nose ". After the cargo ship Cap Anamur the aid organization Cap Anamur / German Emergency Doctors is named.

The first historical traces Anamurs date from the 8th century BC In Anemurion, can be seen from the still impressive ruins, said to have lived up to 20,000 people. Located southwest of Anamur the military buildings were built. So you had of this southern tip of the Turkish Mediterranean coast, the entire shipping under control. An outstanding achievement for that time was certainly the water supply of the city and castle. The water was around 10 kilometers east dammed at the Dragon River and along guided in channels east and west of the Delta on the slopes. These irrigation systems are still used to some extent in agriculture. Anamur is since the 13th century, since the conquest in 1228, first by the Seljuk Turks, then by the Ottomans to today's Turkey under Turkish rule. The Mamure Kalesi in Anamur is one of the oldest and best preserved fortifications on the southern Turkish coast.

From May to the end of August on the sandy beach Anamurs to find the sea turtles of the species Caretta caretta. In 2006 there was a study on this subject for the first time with a surprising result: From 674 Located slipped 30 444 young turtles. 2007 thousand nests were determined, from which around 45,000 young are hatched. It therefore is the most important Caretta Caretta beach in Turkey. 2008 protecting volunteers more than 800 nests on the beach through comprehensive measures, but since 2009 can not be continued because of an aquaculture project.

Also, here is one of the last refuges of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus). Currently living in the area around Anamur 29 animals, representing more than half of the total population in Turkey.

Furthermore, Anamur is famous for its bananas, sweet strawberries in March and the peanuts in September, prepared steamed here in a special way. For years here a small banana variety was grown outdoors, which was known by her exquisite taste. It is now thought about the greenhouse cultivation and breeding larger varieties.


Anamur is located approximately 250 kilometers from the airports of Antalya and Adana removed and is therefore so far been spared from the international mass tourism. During the Turkish school holidays many Turks are traveling from, for example, Ankara or Konya to the south and spend their holidays in hotels or private apartments in the oceanfront neighborhood İskele. For Europeans, it could be very hot in the summer at 40 degrees in the shade. Ideal travel times would be for those who like a milder climate, the. Months of April through the end of June and / or September to end of November

Around Anamur there are 35 villages, which, on paved roads are accessible since 2006, with very few exceptions. After a few kilometers you drive is located in the fascinating world of the Taurus Mountains.