Erie Golden Blades

The Erie Golden Blades were an American ice hockey franchise of the Atlantic Coast Hockey League from Erie, Pennsylvania.


The Erie Golden Blades took to the 1982/83 season on the game mode in the Atlantic Coast Hockey League, founded a year earlier. The Golden Blades replaced the Erie Blades of the American Hockey League, which in 1982 merged with the Baltimore Skipjacks and then under his own name in Baltimore, Maryland, were playing. The Erie Golden Blades occupied in the five seasons of existence, every year the second place in the regular season, they also won in the 1983/84 season the Bob Payne Trophy as ACHL Master. When the league was disbanded in 1987, also featured the Golden Blades a game operation. The Golden Blades were eventually replaced by the Erie Panthers, who were active from 1988 to 1996 in the East Coast Hockey League.

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