Ermengard of Italy

Ermengarde of Italy (* probably 852/855; † before 22 June 896 ), the younger daughter of the late August 875 King of Italy and Roman Emperor Louis II of Italy.


Between March and June 876, she married Boso of Vienne from the family of Buviniden, since 870 Count of Vienne, her father the Duke in Italy, that is, his deputy there, made.

In May 878, Pope John VIII called on his escape from the Saracens and the Italian nobility in Arles with her and Boso protection.

880 end they successfully defended Vienne, the capital of the kingdom of Burgundy, which tried to restore Boso, against the besieging troops of the Carolingian kings Charles the Fat, Ludwig III. and Carloman, under the leadership of Bosos brother Richard the court Lord.

In a second siege of Vienne in August 881 succeeded the troops of Charles the Fat, who had been crowned in February 881 the Roman emperor, to take the city, which was looted and burned. Richard took his brother's wife and their children under his protection, and brought them to Autun, while Boso fled to Provence.

After Bosos death on 11 January 887 Ermengarde was appointed with Richards help regent of Provence; in May of the year she gave birth to her son Louis to Emperor Charles the Fat, so that Adopt him what happened.

In May 889 they submitted to the East Frankish king Arnulf of Carinthia.

Ermengarde was abbess of San Salvatore at Brescia.

Marriage and issue

Ermengarde married March-June 876 Boso of Vienne from the family of Buviniden; with him, she probably had three children:

  • Engelberga ( probably 877 *, † after January 917)
  • Irmengard ( Ermengard ) (c. 880/885 )
  • Ludwig III. Bosonides, the Blind (c. 881/882; † June 5 928), 887-928 King of Lower Burgundy, King of Italy 900-905, 901-905 Roman Emperor