Erongo Region




Erongo is one of the 14 regions of Namibia and is the most populous part of the coast of Namibia on the Atlantic Ocean with Swakopmund and Walvis Bay as a regional capital, the largest sea port of the country. The coastline north and south of this agglomeration are essentially desert. Toward the middle are in Erongo also important mines. The name is derived from the Erongo Erongo.


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An essential part of the Erongo region on the south Atlantic coast, which became known as the Skeleton Coast because there are many ships stranded due to upstream shallows and could not be made ​​fast. The whole area of ​​this Skeleton Coast is completely dry except for a few, rarely water leading small rivers. A survival there is therefore almost impossible for a visitor or shipwrecked. For several years, parallel to the coast carries a wide pad (street ) until just before the border of Angola, which however, may from the gate of the Skeleton Coast Park be used only with a special permit ( Permit), issued at the ranger station in Swakopmund. The Skeleton Coast Park is available as a single station, the Government Camp Terracebay. Slowly increasing populations from the Etosha National Park through the Kowarib Gorge and over the mountain pass along the Groot Hoanib up in the coastal Namib immigrant elephants and rare predators, such as called the brown hyena, wolf or even beach brown hyena, form, next to the vastness and tranquility, the target of a special tourism, off the beaten paths. A spur road towards Etosha Pan, past the Petrified Forest, the only manmade variety.

Further south, just before Swakopmund, there is the Robbenkap where large seal populations are observed throughout the year, because the leading past here cold Benguela current can pass fish in abundance. Even at night observable trawlers from many countries, far out beyond the sand banks, point to the still sufficiently available fish resources.


Since 2004, the SWAPO absolute majority of the seven Erongo Regional Council members, who are elected every five years in the regional capital of Swakopmund.


Covering an area of ​​63,719 km ² 107 663 inhabitants lived in the following counties ( 2001 census ):


The Erongo region is after the Khomas region as the strongest economy of Namibia. For this purpose, especially the port of Walvis Bay, and the numerous mining areas such as the Rössing Mine are responsible.