Fokker S-11

The Fokker S-11 Instructor is a single-engine propeller training aircraft that was developed and manufactured by the former Dutch aircraft manufacturer Fokker.

History and construction

The first activity of Fokker after the Second World War, the development of a new military aircraft for basic training of pilots, the S-11 Instructor. An airplane dealer authorization already granted in 1946 an order for 100 of these aircraft before construction had even begun. The first prototype was launched on December 18, 1947 from Schiphol Airport. In the test flights in early 1948, it was found that some aerodynamic changes had to be made in order to improve the handling of the aircraft.

In the same year made ​​demonstrations for several air forces, which orders the Royal Netherlands Air Force and followed Israeli, Italian, Brazilian, Paraguayan and Bolivian Air Force. Over 180 aircraft were built in Italy Macchi M.416 under license. Numerous S-11 still flying today. A Fokker subsidiary in Brazil produced the S-11 with a different chassis than S- 12th

Military user

  • Bolivia Bolivia: 8
  • Brazil Brazil: Força Aérea Brasileira: 100 copies in the 1960s
  • Israel Israel: 41 1951-1957
  • Italy Italy
  • Netherlands The Netherlands
  • Paraguay Paraguay: 8 1972-1978