Fuji Dream Airlines

K. K. Fuji Dream Airlines ( Jap.株式会社 フジ ドリーム エアラインズ, Kabushiki - gaisha Fuji Dorimu Earainzu ) is a Japanese regional airline based in Makinohara and based on the Shizuoka Airport.


Fuji Dream Airlines was founded in 2008, is owner of 100 percent of the freight forwarding Suzuyo based in Shizuoka. The first jet of the Company was painted orange and is a reminder of the growing in the region oranges, the other machines, for example, blue, yellow or green.


Fuji Dream Airlines first flew only from the airport Shizuoka, meantime, however, the Nagoya Airport is the largest hub. It will be flown so far only targets within Japan.


As of October 2013, the fleet of Fuji Dream Airlines consists of seven aircraft:

  • 3 Embraer 170
  • 4 Embraer 175