Gaming, Austria

Gaming is a market town with 3165 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the district Scheibbs in Lower Austria.

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Gaming is in the Most district at the western foot of the Ötscher in the Lower Austrian part of the Eisenwurzen. The area of ​​the municipality covers 244.07 square kilometers. 85.87 percent of the area is forested.

Community structure

The municipality includes the following 10 places (in brackets population as of 31 October 2011):

  • Cabaret Gaming ( 133)
  • Gaming ( 2142 )
  • Kienberg ( 478)
  • Lackenhof (272 )
  • Langau (152 )
  • Nestelberg - Lackenhof ( 24)
  • Neuhaus- Langau (11 )
  • Roth forest Langau ( 3)
  • Taschelbach - Langau (15 )
  • Trübenbach gaming (14 )

The municipality comprises the cadastral Old Reith, Cabaret, Gaming, Kienberg, Lackenhof, Mitterau, Nestelberg, Neuhaus and Polzberg.


In ancient times, the area was part of the province of Noricum.

In Gaming was in 1330-1782 a significant Carthusian monastery, the Certosa gaming. It was here, among other things, the mystic and theologian Nicholas Kempf. In the Charterhouse until summer 2009, the International Theological Institute for Studies was housed to marriage and family, which then moved to Trumau south of Vienna.

Gaming was very long, the largest town in Lower Austria, a few years ago the church was allowed Zwettl added include the Truppenübungsplatz Allentsteig to their field. Since then, gaming is 244 km ² the second largest town in Lower Austria.

Population Development

Results of the census since 1971:

2001: 3840 inhabitants 1991: 3793 inhabitants 1981: 4089 inhabitants 1971: 4181 inhabitants

Economy and infrastructure

Non-agricultural workplaces there were in 2001 171, agricultural and forestry holdings according to the 1999 survey 153 The number of persons employed at the residence was according to the 2001 census 1530th The employment rate in 2001 was 41.48 percent.

A major company with more than 360 employees, the existing in Kienberg since 1817 and located in American ownership since 1998, pressure vessel manufacturers Worthington Cylinders.


The council has 23 seats, mayor of the municipality is Renate Gruber, chief officer Alfred Six.

In the municipal elections of 2010, the SPÖ reached 16 ( 2) (list) ÖVP 5 (- 2), the FPÖ 2 ( 1) and the Greens no longer competed.


  • Bad Sass village, Nordrhein-Westfalen/Germany
  • Wholesale Sieghart, Lower Austria

Culture and sights

  • Gaming Charterhouse
  • Water pipe power plant Gaming
  • Ötscher - Tormäuer

Rail transport

Kienberg is with the station Kienberg gaming endpoint of Erlauftalbahn and also the starting point of the Ybbsthalbahn - Mountain Road, a narrow gauge heritage railway. The Austrian Federal Railways presented a public passenger on the Erlauftalbahn between Scheibbs and Kienberg with the timetable change in December 2010, the first remaining for freight infrastructure is also no longer used since January 2011.


  • Hermann Lechner (1924-2012), Mayor and MP in the Parliament of Lower Austria