Gazelle (bicycle)

Gazelle is a Dutch bicycle company that originally produced and motorized small vehicles and motorcycles.

Company History

It is now with around 12 million sold bikes and more than a hundred years of history as the largest bicycle company in the Netherlands. The annual production in Dieren is currently at about 550 employees, about 350,000 bicycles.

The company was founded in 1892 by Willem Kölling and Rudolf Arentsen. This first English imported bikes for resale. In 1902 the production began under the name Gazelle.

Arentsen soon withdrew from the operation back, although these flourished in the early 20th century. In particular, the export, for example, in the colony of the Dutch East Indies, rose sharply. 1935, the first tandem was sold.

In addition to bicycles, the company also provided motorized two - and three-wheelers ago; the latter were mainly required as transport vehicles and provided with corresponding constructions.

1954 Gazelle was from the family to the corporation. Ten years later came out with the Kwikstep the first Dutch folding bike on the market. 1971 Gazelle was acquired by Tube Investment, which passed on his bicycle department in 1987 at the Derby Cycle Werke. This they later sold on to Gilde Buy Out Funds. In 1992, the eight millionth bike at Gazelle was built and the company got the 100th anniversary of the attribute " royal ". In 1999 the number of employees was about 600, the annual production of approximately 300,000, and the ten-millionth bike was manufactured.

On 1 June 2006, the production of steel frame was set at the site Dieren. These are since, as the aluminum frame, externally purchased.

Gazelle Motorcycle (1935 )

Motorized tricycle loads

Gazelle Speciaal Exclusive top class Ladies (1988 )

Automobile production

In 1970, a two-seater city car. For the drive made ​​a two-stroke engine. The vehicle was a prototype.