Simplex (French automobile Manufacturer)

Simplex was a Dutch manufacturer of automobiles.

Company History

The Company NV Maatschappij Simplex in Amsterdam began in 1899 with the production of automobiles. 1919, the production was stopped.

Rolling stock

The first model had a rear engine and body shape Vis - à-vis. It was similar to the Benz. 1902 appeared a single-cylinder model with front engine - was supplied by Fafnir - as well as for future production models. 1907 was followed by the two-cylinder model 8 HK and the four-cylinder model 14/16 HK. Was published in 1911, the four-cylinder Model 35 HK. 1919 Tricycle 10 HK was presented with a V2 engine, but did not go into mass production.