Gem Archer

Gem Archer ( born December 7, 1966 as Colin Murray Archer in Hunwick, Durham, England ) is a British musician.

He was the singer and guitarist of the band Heavy Stereo, before joining the Britpop band Oasis the part of the second guitar took over in 1999. In addition, he also writes his own songs. He is currently active as a guitarist of the band Beady Eye.


Private life

Gem Archer was born in 1966 in Hunwick, the son of a working class family. Since his childhood, he is briefly called Gem, after the famous Scottish football player from the 1970s named Archie Gemmill. Today, he is married with his wife Louise and two children, son Joel and daughter Libby. Archer is a vegetarian.

Musical beginnings

His first guitar he took at the age of 12 years in hand. Since the mid- 1980s, he is musically active and began his career as a guitarist in the local band jacuzzi. After its dissolution in the early 1990s he founded the rock band Heavy Stereo, which was eventually drawn by Creation Records. Her debut and only album Déjà Voodoo 1996 gained little commercial significance. More important was their participation in the 1999 tribute album Fire and Skill: The Songs of The Jam, in which Noel and Liam Gallagher also made ​​their contribution. Because of this knotted acquaintance with Paul Weller, former The Jam frontman, Heavy Stereo were finally invited as a support act for which the 1999 tour.


Archer has always been a big fan of Britpop band Oasis, which he also met privately on Creation Records. After the departure of the founding members Paul " Bonehead " Arthurs and Paul " Guigsy " McGuigan at Oasis in 1999, he rose with bassist Andy Bell as second guitarist in the band. Heavy Stereo broke up in the wake of that. The recordings for Standing on the Shoulder of Giants had already been completed, so that he became active only as a live guitarist and in the videos first. For the fifth album of the band, Heathen Chemistry, he contributed the song Hung in a Bad Place in which an integral part of a playlist of the band was at the 2002 world tour. Mainly played Archer at Oasis concerts, the rhythm guitar. Add Songs to which Noel but took over the vocals, he finally appeared as lead guitarist. Vocally Archer was indeed extremely rare to use, but he was often compared to Bruce Springsteen.

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