Gibraltar Football Association

The Gibraltar Football Association ( GFA ) is the governing body for football in Gibraltar. The association was from December 2006 to January 2007 and again from October 2012 a provisional member of UEFA. On 24 May 2013, was admitted to the UEFA. President of the Association is Gareth Latin.


The association was founded in 1895 as Gibraltar Civilian Football Association.

In December 2006, Gibraltar was admitted as a provisional member of UEFA. At the plenary meeting of the UEFA in Dusseldorf in the following month, however, found the application for full membership no majority, even though the International Court of Sport (CAS ) had the continental federation previously recommended to include Gibraltar as a member. In October 2012 a provisional member status of Gibraltar was granted again. The UEFA Congress The decision on full membership met on 24 May 2013, London. Core problem until then was the resistance of Spain, rises the territorial claim to the possession of Gibraltar. On September 20, 2013, the UEFA decided at a special meeting in an executive session in Dubrovnik that in the 2014/15 season club teams of the GFA for the first time take part in the qualifications for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. In addition, the national team takes part in qualifying for the European Championship 2016.

UEFA five year ranking

Position in the UEFA five year ranking (in brackets the previous year placement). The abbreviation CL and EL countries behind the coefficients indicate the number of representatives in the 2014/15 season of the Champions League and the Europa League.

  • 52 (53 ) San Marino (league, cup ) - coefficient: 0.666 - CL: 1, EL: 2
  • 53 (52 ) Andorra (league, cup ) - coefficient: 0.500 - CL: 1, EL: 2
  • 54 (54 ) Gibraltar (league, cup ) - coefficient: 0.000 - CL: 1, EL: 2

As of the end of the European campaign of 2012/13