Glenn Frey

Glenn Lewis Frey ( born November 6, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American rock musician.


Frey is a member of the formation Eagles, whose founding member he is. In this group, he plays guitar, slide guitar and piano and also lends many Eagles songs his voice. Wrote with Don Henley and he writes most of the songs from the Eagles, and these two were and are also from inception to resolution and after repeated reunion of the group band members. Although the Eagles came together again as a group and were most recently in 2008 a commercial success on tour, the enormous success and record sales in the 1970s, but they did not reach again. Some years before the first reunion of the group in 1994 said Don Henley, that the Eagles would never reunite, " hell will freeze over sooner ." Logically, then called the album after comeback Hell Freezes Over.

The first hit of the Eagles at all, Take It Easy, Glenn Frey wrote together with the US- songwriter Jackson Browne, who penned more Eagles hits came from, although Browne was never a member of the Eagles. The text of Take It Easy was written so original that it is partially received in the American vernacular. Henley and Frey complemented each other perfectly and were vocally so different that the Eagles were able to publish very wide range of songs. In one of the biggest hits of all time ( and the biggest hit of the Eagles ) Hotel California, but he only played a minor role as a co- author of the text and as background singer. The melody and the famous guitar solo came from the former Eagles guitarist Don Felder. Although it connects because of the distinctive voice the most hits of the Eagles with Don Henley, Glenn Frey, however, also contributed many songs on.

After dissolution of the group in 1981 Glenn Frey was also a successful solo artist. With the song The Heat Is On he came into the charts. This song appeared on the soundtrack of American cinema success Beverly Hills Cop and was written by Harold Faltermeyer and Keith Forsey. Other well-known in Germany singles were You Belong to the City and I've got mine. Friends of the U.S. crime series Miami Vice also know the specially written for the series hit Smuggler 's Blues. In the same episode 15 of season 1 of the series Frey himself played with. So Glenn Frey is known in Germany than by his name, but rather by its song, other than the top ten hits were, but played in many radio stations and over again.

Even as an actor, he was active. In some U.S. films (eg Jerry Maguire ), he played supporting roles. In the corresponding Miami Vice episode ( see above, German episode title "Adventures in Colombia" ), he played a smuggling pilots.

He landed a starring role in several episodes of the series Wiseguy, which was called the fight against the Mafia in Germany and ran in the early 90s at RTL and RTL II. It was about a fictional sub-organization of the FBI, called the OCB, specifically dedicated to the fight against organized crime. Glenn Frey plays in several episodes that revolve around the music industry, an unsuccessful music manager Bobby Travis, who sold his financially clammy record label Dead Dog Records to the OCB, so that it can henceforth be used as a front company. The series was hugely popular in the U.S., which many guest stars attracted. So Frey played in its consequences with Deborah Harry ( Blondie ) and Tim Curry ( The Rocky Horror Picture Show ). Other guest stars were, inter alia, Jerry Lewis in one of his few serious roles, as well as Joe Dallesandro, Meat Loaf, Maximilian Schell, Kevin Spacey and Patti D' Arbanville.

Heard in

One of his pieces can be heard ( until episode 14 season 2) in the series Married With Children in the episode Old Times. It is the piece You Belong to the City, which could also be heard frequently in the cult series Miami Vice. The Heat Is On was used for the film Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy as intro music, Truelove was heard in the episode hostages in the storm ( Season 1 Episode 12) from Baywatch - The Baywatch.

Discography / Albums

  • No Fun Aloud (1982 )
  • The Allnighter (1984 )
  • Soul Searchin ' (1988 )
  • Strange Weather (1992 )
  • Live in Dublin ( 1993)
  • The Solo Collection ( 1995)
  • 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection ( 2000)
  • After Hours (June 22, 2012)

Singles ( in the charts )

  • I Found Somebody (1982 ) U.S. # 31
  • The One You Love (1982 ) U.S. # 15
  • All Those Lies ( 1983) U.S. # 41
  • Sexy Girl ( 1984) U.S. # 20, UK # 81
  • The All Nighter (1984 ) U.S. # 54
  • The Heat Is On (1985 ) D # 4 A # 27, CH # 5, U.S. # 2, UK # 12, NL # 19, F # 47, S # 5, A # 2
  • Smuggler's Blues ( 1985) U.S. # 12, UK # 22
  • You Belong to the City ( 1985) U.S. # 2, UK # 94, NL # 37
  • True Love (1988 ) U.S. # 13, UK # 84
  • Livin ' Right ( 1988) U.S. # 90
  • Part of Me, Part of You (1991 ) D # 54, U.S. # 55
  • I've Got Mine ( 1992) D # 51, U.S. # 91
  • Love in the 21St Century (1993 ) D # 53
  • This Way to Happiness (1995 ) D # 65