Randy Meisner

Randy Herman Meisner ( born March 8, 1946 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska) is an American rock musician who became known as founding member, bassist and singer for the Eagles and Poco.

Career start

Randy was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and in 1961 with fifteen years of his first gigs with a local band called "The Dynamics ". In 1965 he moved to California to work with the band " The Poor " to tour. In 1968 he founded together with Richie Furay and Jim Messina, the band Poco after Furay and Messina had disembarked in Buffalo Springfield. Randy Meisner can be heard on the first disc of Poco, Pickin 'Up the Pieces, but was thrown after disagreements with the other musicians in the band. He then rose with Ricky Nelson and his " Stone Canyon Band" one with whom he celebrated first great successes. He also played for James Taylor in the studio bass for the Sweet Baby James album. In the summer of 1971, he moved to the companion of Linda Ronstadt, where he met Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Bernie Leadon, with whom he founded the end of 1971 the Eagles.

The Eagles

After the four musicians from David Geffen were taken to his label Asylum Records, in 1972 they brought their first album Eagles on the market. Meisner spent six years with the Eagles and is heard on five albums as bassist and (background ) singers, including on Hotel California. Due to problems within the band and longing for his family in Scottsbluff Randy Meisner thought for some time at one end of the band. After a quarrel with Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner was before a show in September 1977 announced his departure from the Eagles. He was replaced by Timothy B. Schmit, who had succeeded him after his departure from Poco as the bassist.

Solo career

Randy Meisner brought in 1978 released his first solo album, Randy Meisner and 1980, a second album One More Song, which had average success. Furthermore, he was a studio musician for many rock stars, including James Taylor, Joe Walsh, Dan Fogelberg and Richard Marx, active.

In 1998 he joined the occasion of the entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame again with all present and former members of the Eagles on stage to jointly Take It Easy and Hotel California to present.