Godoy Cruz Department

The department Godoy Cruz is located in the center of the province of Mendoza in western Argentina and is one of 18 administrative units in the province. Together with the departments Capital, Las Heras, Guaymallén, Luján de Cuyo and Maipú, it forms the agglomeration Gran Mendoza. It is also the most densely populated department of the province.

It is bordered on the north by the departments Capital and Guaymallén, on the east by the department of Maipú, in the south of the department of Luján de Cuyo and the west by the Department of Las Heras.

The capital of the department Godoy Cruz Godoy Cruz is the same. Both are named after the Argentine politician and businessman Tomás Godoy Cruz ( 1791-1852 ).


According to estimates by the INDEC, the population increased from 182 977 inhabitants (2001) to 232 036 inhabitants in 2005.


The department Godoy Cruz is divided into the following districts:

  • Gobernador Benegas
  • Godoy Cruz
  • Las Tortugas
  • Presidente Sarmiento
  • San Francisco del Monte


The department Godoy Cruz includes about 36 percent of the economic strength of the Province of Mendoza. The determining factor is the trade ( here especially the auto trade) and the service sector. There are also a number of wineries have settled, but there are no vineyards. The Casino of Mendoza is located at the Department limit of Godoy Cruz and Mendoza (city).


Godoy Cruz is home of the football club Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba, the División in 2006 for the first club in the province of Mendoza in the Primera became