General Alvear Department, Mendoza

The Department of General Alvear (Mendoza ) is located in the southeast of the province of Mendoza in western Argentina and is one of 18 administrative units in the province.

It is bordered to the north and west by the department of San Rafael, on the east by the province of San Luis, and to the south by the province of La Pampa.

The capital of the department of General Alvear (Mendoza ) is the General Alvear same name. It is 900 km from Buenos Aires.

The department is located at the intersection of Ruta Nacional 188 and Ruta Nacional 143, which is considered a strategic location for reaching different parts of the country of Argentina and the Mercosur countries, particularly Brazil.


In the department there is mild, semi -desert climate. The mean annual temperature is 16.8 ° C. The annual average rainfall is 329 mm. The average wind speed reaches 11 km / h and the average number of days with clear skies is 166


The Department of General Alvear (Mendoza ) is divided into the following districts:

  • Alvear Oeste
  • Bowen
  • General Alvear
  • San Pedro del Atuel

Other settlements are:

  • Canalejas
  • Carmensa
  • Cochicó
  • Corral de Lorca
  • El Ceibo
  • El Juncalito
  • La Escandinava
  • La Mora
  • Línea de Poste
  • Los Compartos
  • Ovejería
  • Poste de Hierro


Department and capital were after General Carlos María de Alvear (1789-1852), named one of the heroes of the War of Independence against Spain.


The traditional economic activity is agriculture. In recent years, a great importance has been placed on the development of cattle breeding. The successes in both areas are based on the irrigation of 30,000 ha by the Río Atuel.


The existing for over 50 years Escuela de Agricultura ( Agricultural School ), which is part of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo is the region helps to agricultural professionals, especially in the wine.


  • Fiesta de la Ganadería. The outstanding event is held annually Feast of livestock, which simultaneously serves as a cattle show and sale exhibition.