La Paz Department, Mendoza

The Department of La Paz is located in the east of the province of Mendoza in western Argentina and is one of 18 administrative units in the province.

It is bordered to the north by the department of Lavalle, to the east by the province of San Luis, to the south by the department of San Rafael and to the west by the department of Santa Rosa.

The capital of the department of La Paz is the same La Paz It is located 145 km from the provincial capital Mendoza.

Transport links

Through the two roads Ruta Nacional 7 and the Ruta Provincial 146, the Department is a strategically important access to the Mercosur countries.


The La Paz Department is divided into the following districts:

  • Cadetes de Chile
  • Desaguadero
  • Las Chacritas
  • La Gloriosa
  • Villa Antigua
  • Villa Cabecera (La Paz )


The first inhabitants of the area of La Paz were the Huarpes who called their region Yopacto and as head of the caciques had Corocorto.

The Spaniards reached the area below the Capitán Don Sancho de Medrano command. To fulfill its mission order they built an adobe chapel, which was consecrated in San Jose and was in the 1760s, replaced by a small church, now sheltered the statue of Nuestra Señora de La Paz. Every year on January 24, you will be held a religious festival with a procession around the Plaza of Old Town in honor.

At the beginning of the 18th century the trade had grown considerably with regional products to the littoral. On the long distance were the rest stops Posta del Desaguadero and Posta San José de Corocorto of great importance. Therefore, on 24 December 1791 Comandante Amigorena founded, under the government of Rafael de Sobremonte, the San José de Corocorto, now called Villa Antigua.

The Villa de La Paz was founded on August 4, 1850, when the province was ruled by Alejo Mallea.