Grevenmacher ( Luxembourgish Gréiwemaacher ) is a city and a municipality in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as well as the administrative seat of the eponymous canton Grevenmacher.


The municipality comprises the towns Grevenmacher and Potaschberg.

She is a member of the following local organizations: SIAEG, SICEC, Sidere, SIDEST, SIGI, SIGRE, SITEG, SYVICOL.


Built in the course of the Moselle canalization barrage Grevenmacher discharged approximately 10,000 vessels a year. A further object is to regulate the Mosel level.

Immediately adjacent to the city passes the A1 ( Trier- Luxembourg ). This is reached by the National Road 14 along the banks of the Moselle, the National Road 10 by the city for water or cheap Wormeldingen and Remich.

With a road bridge over the Mosel is a direct link to the German Moselle over to the municipality waves. The Mosel bridge fell into disrepair was demolished in 2011 and has since been replaced by a new building.

Historic City Hall

New Hotel de Ville

Butterfly Garden

New bridge over the Moselle


Twin Cities

  • Aubière France, Puy -de- Dôme, France

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Josy Kraus (1908-2001), cyclist
  • Rob Krier ( born 1938 ), architect
  • Joseph Lortz (1887-1975), church historian and theologian
  • Hélène Sertznig (* 1990), football player