Guere language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Kru Western Kru Wee Guere - Krahn

Gxx ( Central Gere / Southern Wee ) wec ( Neyo / Western Wee )

Guere ( Gere ), also called Wee ( Wè ), is a Krusprache, which is spoken by about 300,000 people from the ethnic group of woe in the regions Dix- Huit Montagnes and Moyen- Cavally in the Ivory Coast.


The Phonology of Guere (here the Zagna dialect of the Central Guere / Southern Wee ) is typical of the Niger -Congo language family.


The consonant are as follows:

Allophones of some of these phonemes are:

  • [ KM ] is an allophone of / kp / before nasal vowels
  • [nm ] is an allophone of / ɡ͡b ​​/ before nasal vowels
  • [ ŋ ʷ ] is an allophone of / w / before nasal vowels
  • [ ɗ ] is an allophone of / l / in word - initial positions
  • [r ] is an allophone of / l / to a coronal consonants ( alveolar or palatal )


How many West African languages ​​makes the Guere a distinction between vowels with the so-called advanced tongue root and those with Retracted tongue root. In addition, nasal vowels are in phonemic contrast to oral vowels.


Guere is a tonal language and ten different types of sounds: