Gyude Bryant

Charles Gyude Bryant [ tʃɑ ː lz gju ː dɪ bɹaɪənt ] ( born January 17, 1949) was from 14 October 2003 to 16 January 2006 ( 825 days ) Interim President of Liberia.


Charles Gyude Bryant is a Liberian businessman (import of construction machinery and mining equipment ) and is considered politically neutral set. He is a member of the Liberian Action Party and in 1992 was elected as the party leader. This opposition party could win the office of President Taylor in influence.

Gyude Bryant was informed in August 2003 by the Chief Mediator Abubaka that the parties to the conflict in Liberia would accept him as a leader of a transitional government. Thus the eleven week long peace talks started up successfully to the end. Bryant, who is also a leading member of the Episcopal Church in Liberia, was considered the most neutral candidate to form the transitional government and to direct peace talks between the warring parties in Liberia. After 14 years of civil war and the expulsion of former President Charles Taylor in Liberia, a new era began. Until the assumption of office Bryants Moses Blah directed the government affairs as interim president.


Gyude Bryant was sworn in on 14 October 2003 as President of the Liberian transitional government, his official title was Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia - CNTGL - ( German: Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia ), its legislative period was only 2 years in office.

The following goals he should implement his transitional government into action:

  • Disarmament of the guerrilla groups.
  • Rehabilitation of the fighters and their return to their communities and families.
  • Repatriation of all refugees and displaced the local to their hometowns.
  • Disarming Liberia, so without armed conflict, are possible in October 2005 peaceful election of a new government.

Because of the looming pacification of the country, interested foreign investors reported to President Bryant to complete example, favorable concessions for the logging of tropical timber, or the equipment of mines can. As these conversations were mostly confidential, stuck Bryant and its negotiating partners rapidly to a suspicion of corruption. In fact, the chosen successor in November 2005, Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf revised some of the contracts entered into by Bryant and won by persistent renegotiate better terms for the weak currencies state budget. Bryant had also wrestling with the problems of crime prevention and health care.

Court processes and Rehabilitation

The inauguration of his successor elected in November 2005, Ellen Johnson -Sirleaf took place on 16 January 2006. In the following years, Bryant was attacked in Liberia by his political opponents. He was accused of corruption and remanded in custody in early December 2007 for a display ( embezzlement of state property ), but released on bail. As a result of the court proceedings concluded in September 2010, Bryant was acquitted and vindicated on all counts. Already in 2009 he had negotiated the charge against him accusations of personal enrichment and misappropriation of Liberian state property during his presidency worth over one million dollars in court and acquitted him.