HA is an abbreviation for:

  • Ethiopia after the ICAO code
  • Half-adder, the switching network which is typically realized as a digital circuit
  • Hemagglutinin, see agglutinins, antibody
  • Hamburger Evening Gazette, daily newspaper in Hamburg
  • Hamburg Edition, Standard Edition of the Goethe- works
  • Department
  • Main Committee, especially for the former organ of the Austrian Student Union, see Main Committee ( Students' Union )
  • House alarm signals within a building that trigger alarm
  • House connection
  • House apparatus, internal telephone connection
  • Housework
  • GP, usually first point of contact with medical problems
  • To homework, tasks the teacher to the students that are processed in the lesson time
  • Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian airline after the IATA code
  • Rear-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive motor vehicles
  • Army Office in Cologne, Department of the German Army
  • High Availability ( English), high availability
  • Rear axle shaft, which is mounted behind the vehicle center of gravity
  • Human albumin, human form of albumin
  • Hypoallergenic, meaning " containing a few allergens "
  • Metro Station Hasenbuck eighth Subway Station of the Nuremberg U- Bahn
  • As HA Note on birth in the wedding registers of the civil registry (see HB Note on marriage register and HC Note on Death )
  • The post code area Harrow ( as the initial character of a postal code in the United Kingdom)

HA as a distinguishing mark for license plate:

  • Germany: county-level city of Hagen
  • Greece: Ilia / Elis
  • UK: Bournemouth
  • Netherlands: Handelaren, dealer license plate for motor vehicles
  • Norway: Hamar in Hedmark
  • Austria: District Hallein
  • Poland: Anti -Corruption Authority
  • Hungary: Armed Forces ( Magyar Honvédség )

Ha stands for:

  • Cha, partly Ha Gorge in Eastern Crete
  • Ha ( Egyptian mythology), ancient Egyptian deity
  • Ha ( Arabic letter ), sixth letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Ha ( Arabic letter ), 26th letter of the Arabic alphabet
  • Ha ( submarine ), miniature submarine in the Japanese Navy of World War II, for example, the Sen - Taka- class
  • Haa (District), also Ha District in Bhutan
  • Hahnium, artificially produced chemical element, see Dubnium

Ha is the surname of the following persons:

  • Gene Ha, American cartoonist
  • John Ha Tiong Hock ( born 1947 ), Catholic bishop
  • Kien Nghi Ha ( * 1972 ), Vietnamese - German author and political analyst
  • Zachi Ha - Negbi ( b. 1957 ), Israeli politician
  • Ha Ji-won ( born 1979 ), South Korean actress
  • Ha Jin ( b. 1956; actually Jin Xuefei ), Chinese - American author
  • Ha Jung- eun (* 1987), South Korean badminton player
  • Ha Jung -woo (born 1978 ), South Korean actor
  • Ha Ryun (1347-1416), Korean politician and philosopher
  • Ha Seung -jin ( born 1985 ), South Korean basketball player
  • Ha Song -ran (born 1967 ), South Korean writer
  • Ha Tae- kwon ( born 1975 ), South Korean badminton players
  • Ha Tae- yeon (born 1976 ), South Korean wrestler
  • Ha Yung -won ( born 1942 ), North Korean football player

Hå stands for

  • Hå, Norwegian municipality in Rogaland Norway

Ha is the abbreviation for:

  • Hausa, the most widely spoken language of commerce in West - Central Africa, according to ISO 639-1
  • Ha, unit of area
  • Here officially ( in writing pieces authorities, for example, " Communication from the ha Authority")
  • HA Schult, German object and action artist
  • Chevrolet HA, car model from the 1930s
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