Hino (Shiga)

Hino (Japanese日 野 町, -chō ) is a town southeast of Lake Biwa in Gamo -gun in the east of Japan Shiga Prefecture.


On March 16, 1955, the merger of the old Hino was carried out with the Mura Minamihizusa (南 比 都 佐 村, -mura ), Kitahizusa (北 比 都 佐 村, -mura ), Kaigake (镰 挂 村, -mura ), Nishioji (西 大路 村, -mura ), Higashisakuradani (东 桜 谷 村, -mura ) and Nishisakuradani (西 桜 谷 村, -mura ) as the new Hino.


  • Theme Park " flower hill " ( burume no oka ), opened in 1997: the park was built in accordance to the German floriculture; in the summer various events are offered; the German twin town of Neustadt an der Aisch received on 120 m² the possibility of establishing a local museum ( Focus: Living at the turn of the century, agriculture, fisheries and education); Copies of buildings, towers and guest houses in the Frankish style were built - including the Market Square fountain from Dietersheim - but not grace him of Neptune ( like the original ), but the Mother Goose.
  • Town hall
  • Cultural Hall
  • 3 golf courses


  • Street: National roads 307, 477
  • Ōmi tetsudō main line to Maibara and Kōka

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Higashiomi
  • Kōka


  • Embu Brazil (since 1984)
  • Flag of South Korea恩 山 面, Buyeo -gun, Chungcheongnam -do ( since 1990)
  • Germany Dietersheim (since 1997)