Ibaan, Batangas

Ibaan is a Philippine municipality in the province of Batangas.


Ibaan is located 110 km south of Manila. The municipality is bordered to the north by San Jose and Lipa City, to the east by Rosario and Taysan, south to Batangas City, in the west also to Batangas City and at San Jose. The municipality has a land area of 98.95 km ² and is situated approximately 100 meters above the sea.



The population is predominantly Roman Catholic. There are also smaller groups of Protestants and followers of Iglesias.


Tagalog is the local language, English is also taught in school and is used as an official language and in its dealings.


Temperatures are moderate, both during the storm and during the dry season, ideal for field and livestock production, where most residents are employed. Ibaan is considered as " the home of kulambo " ( mosquito net ), since trade is one with such mosquito nets to the most profitable stores in Ibaan.


Ibaan is politically subdivided into 26 barangays.

  • Bago
  • Balanga
  • Bungahan
  • Catandala
  • Coliat
  • Dayapan
  • Lapu- lapu
  • Lucsuhin
  • Mabalor
  • Malainin
  • Matala
  • Munting Tubig -
  • Palindan
  • Panghayaan
  • Poblacion
  • Quilo
  • Sabang
  • I Salaban
  • San Agustin
  • Sand Alan
  • Santo Niño
  • Talaibon
  • Tulay
  • Salaban II