Jeep Commander (XK)

The Jeep Commander is an off-road SUV with 7 seats belonging to the American Chrysler Group Jeep brand. On the bottom group of the Jeep Grand Cherokee based, he came in May 2006 on the German market and was the top model in the Jeep lineup. The delivered in Germany Commander model was produced from 2006 until mid- 2009 at Magna Steyr in Graz / Austria. The version with 3.0 -liter V6 diesel engine from Mercedes -Benz has been exclusively produced in Graz for the European market.

The angular body shape of the Jeep Commander is reminiscent of the old Jeep Cherokee XJ; vertical windows and headlights and flared wheel arches to cause a particularly masculine appearance. In contrast to the Grand Cherokee, the Commander is equipped exclusively with seven seats.

The Commander was initially available in trim levels Sport and Limited. The sports included the base model with cloth seats and without chrome trim, while the better -equipped Limited is equipped with leather seats including seat heating and parking aid.

Since the 2008 model year are in Germany only the variants Limited and Overland (the latter since 2007 available) available. The Limited is the exclusive model dar. This is an exclusive interior package with leather trim on the dashboard, as well as a hard-drive navigation system with Bluetooth hands-free system and rearview camera, and an electric glass sunroof and two additional roof window ( 2nd row ) are included in the equipment. The Overland offers against the Limited essentially a nobler leather trim ( 2 color), an even better all-wheel drive system ( Quadra Drive II ) and xenon headlights.

All trim levels include a standard 5-speed automatic transmission and a fold-down third row seats (7 seats ).

The 5.7 Hemi V8 engine has been around since 2008, only in connection with the Overland equipment.

As engines in Europe, a 160 kW ( 218 hp ) leis border 3.0 -liter V6 diesel engine from Mercedes -Benz and the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine are available. The 4.7 - liter V8 with 170 kW ( 231 hp ) is no longer available in Europe since 2008. Also a smaller 3.7 -liter V6 petrol engine with 157 kW ( 214 hp) and since 2008 a 4.7 -liter V8 with 223 kW (303 hp) are still available in the United States.

All vehicles manufactured for Europe are exclusively equipped with all-wheel drive and low range gearing. The power transmission takes place via an automatic transmission from Mercedes -Benz. The prices are on about the same level as that of the Grand Cherokee.

Safety equipment

The Jeep Commander comes standard with the following security technologies:

  • Anti -lock braking system (ABS ): Electronic sensors prevent the wheels from locking. The ABS improves steering control during hard braking or when braking on slippery surfaces.
  • Electronic Stability Program ( ESP): This system helps the driver maintain directional stability under all conditions within the physical laws. Especially helpful in critical driving conditions such as in curves and at different road surfaces such as snow, ice or gravel. Once there was a significant difference between the steering direction defined by the driver and the direction is that turns the vehicle, ESP intervenes specifically with a brake or throttle position and bring the vehicle back on the right path.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System ( TPM / RDC): The system monitors pressure sensors in the valves tire pressure on all four wheels and constantly sends radio signals to a receiver in the vehicle. If such pressure loss warning lamp lights up.
  • Electronic Roll Mitigation ( ERM): An additional function of the ESP, which uses the data of this system and predicted the risk of a rollover. The system then takes back the engine torque and solves a short full braking to the appropriate wheel to stabilize the vehicle.
  • Brake Assist ( BAS): The system detects the initiation of emergency braking and immediately provides maximum braking force for the shortest possible stopping distance.
  • Enhanced Accident Response System (EARS ): In accidents of this enhanced accident response system makes it easier for emergency personnel to find and reach the passengers. After triggering of the airbags EARS turns on the interior lights and unlocks the doors. Moreover, the system interrupts the fuel supply to the engine.
  • Advanced multi-stage front airbags are triggered: The system detects and classifies the severity of the impact and triggers dependent on the impact strength in three steps.
  • Side airbags in the front seats: The airbags are located in the outer sides of the front seats and improve the protection of the driver and front passenger in certain impact situations. Each side air bag has its own sensor, and so only initiates the airbag on the crash side. ( for the Jeep Patriot Limited)
  • Side curtain airbags: More protection for all passengers in the outer seats. Each side curtain air bag has its own triggering sensor: Only the airbag on the crash side is ignited.
  • Traction control with brake intervention: The system detects slip at individual wheels and braking of spinning wheels targeted and / or takes back the engine torque until traction is restored.
  • Structural safety cage protects the passengers with specific order and dissipation of the impact energy in an accident.
  • Crash boxes: Body areas that in a crash squeeze on predefined paths and absorb the impact energy.
  • Energy-absorbing steering column: Two -made hydroformed coaxial tubes can be moved in a crash against each other, so that the steering column will not slide into the interior. The electrically adjustable steering column has a calibrated bending element that deforms in an accident and the impact energy is derived optimal.
  • Side Impact Protection: struts in the front and rear doors offer passengers protection in a side impact.
  • Head - impact protection in the interior: the components that have been specifically developed to minimize the forces acting on the head power. These include the pillars above the belt line, instrument panel, structure of the roof and side braces and the pulleys on the seat belts.
  • Pretensioners: During a collision, the impact sensors activate the belt tensioner and tighten the front seat belts tight. Thus, in a collision, the forward movement of the head and body is minimized.
  • Belt force limiters: Metered load dependent the restraining force of the front seat belts and so limits the belt forces acting on the body in a crash.
  • Adjustable straps: Passengers can adjust the shoulder strap to a convenient height; promotes with its comfortable seat, the seat belt use.
  • BeltAlert: A regular ertönender Gong reminds the driver so long to the use of seat belts until he does it.
  • Child seat anchorage ( ISOFIX ): Facilitates the installation of compatible child safety seats.

Terrain features

The Jeep Commander is also a full-fledged off-road vehicle unlike many other SUVs. The data:

  • Angle of approach: 34 °
  • Angle of departure: 27 °
  • Ramp angle: 20 °
  • Fording depth: 508 mm
  • Ground clearance: 210 mm
  • All-wheel - drive system Quadra -Trac II ( Special Features Sport and Limited)
  • All-wheel - drive system Quadra - Drive II (Equipment Overland )