Jennersdorf District

The political district Jenner village (ung: Gyanafalvi Jaras ) is located south of the Austrian province of Burgenland. The seat of the district team is located in Jenner village.

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The district Jenner village is the southernmost district of Burgenland. It is bordered by Hungary to the east and to the south by Slovenia. The landscape is dominated by the valleys of Raab and its left tributary, the Lafnitz, both of which run through the district from west to east. The highest point is the mountain Rotter on the Slovenian border with 408 m.

The district measures from north to south and 45 km from east to west at its widest point about 10 km.

Neighboring districts

Administrative divisions

The district Jenner village consists of a total of 12 municipalities, including a city and seven market towns.

The most important of the abbreviations used are:

  • M = center of the municipality
  • Stt = district
  • R = Rotte
  • W = hamlet
  • D = village
  • ZH = Scattered houses
  • Sdlg = settlement
  • E = bowery (only if they have their own town code)

The complete list that uses the Statistics Austria, can be found at Topographic settlement Labelling according to STAT

Please note that some places may have different spellings. So Katastralgemeinden write differently than the same localities.

Source: Statistics Austria - list for Burgenland (PDF)


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Despite its small size the district Jenner village has a well developed road network. The Güssing Road ( B 57) connects Raabtal and Lafnitztal and continues to Stremtal to Güssing. The track Straße (B 65) leads from the Hungarian border in Lafnitztal in east-west direction to Fürstenfeld and continue to Graz. The extreme north is the Steger Straße (B 57a ) can be achieved while the extreme south is (58 B) of Jenner village served by the Doiber road to the Slovenian border.

A highway is not located in the district area. The nächstgelegende South highway is the main road (A2 ) from Graz to Vienna, which can be reached via the junction Ilz Fürstenfeld (138).


Through the territory of the region Styrian Eastern Railway runs in east-west direction from Graz to Szombathely. In the district there are the stations Jenner village and Mogersdorf that stop intervening in Weichselbaum an der Raab was abandoned.

Special municipalities

The northernmost municipality is German cold Brunn, the southernmost municipality is Neuhaus am Klaus Bach, which is also the westernmost municipality at the same time. Farthest to the east, Holy Cross is in Lafnitztal to the Hungarian border.

The smallest commune is a mill race with approximately 5.50 square kilometers, while St Martin is the largest with about 43 square kilometers on the Raab.

Mill race has the least population (about 450 ), the district capital Jenner village with about 4,250 inhabitants, most of the population (as of 2001).