Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

James Samuel " Jimmy Jam" Harris III. ( Born June 6, 1959 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) and Terry Steven Lewis ( * November 24, 1956 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA) is an American producer and Songwriterduo that could achieve primarily through collaborations with Janet Jackson better known. You attributed to Contemporary R & B, much of the sound aesthetic reorientation of R & B.


The Time (1980-1982)

Harris and Lewis formed their first band Flyte Tyme already in high school together Jellybean Johnson and Monte Moir. The name Flyte Time was a phonetic variant of the song Flight Time by Donald Byrd and is to be understood as a reference to the musicians on the musical socialization through jazz, though Flyte Tyme understood as a funk band. Became known to a wider audience in a different crew, and with the participation of Prince as The Time this formation.

Harris and Lewis had with The Time on the albums The Time and What Time Is It? involved as they increasingly began to shift their priorities to the music production. While touring with Prince and the Revolution played as the opening act for The Time Prince and later as support for Vanity 6 Lewis and Harris use during this time, the so-called off- Days to promote their artistic ambitions. How could a 1982 production with the S.O.S. Band arise, which earned the duo 's first commercial successes respect. As part of The Time are the two African- Americans last appeared on What Time Is It? to hear.

Exclusion from The Time (1982 )

During the production of the album On the Rise of the SOS Jam and Lewis band commuted between concerts with Prince and The Time, and recording studio. It is said that due to a snowstorm Jam and Lewis by serious traffic condition could not attend a concert of her own band in San Antonio. The consequence of this fact, it is attributed to that Prince threw the band members Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis from the group. In an interview with Rolling Stone Prince has denied this allegation, however, and wrote this decision the band leader Morris Day too.

Producing career (1984-2007)

Under the name Flyte Time Productions, the duo produced since 1980 for various musicians such as Gladys Knight, Patti Austin and Thelma Houston. As a crucial turning point of their career can be the meeting with Janet Jackson in 1985 indicate. The aspiring artist trying to this time away from her famous siblings who were international superstars under the name of The Jacksons and Michael Jackson ihrerm draft horse already, build a career. Jackson's third album Control, which appeared the following year and was recorded within six weeks, was created under the auspices of musical Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Both for the duo as well as for Janet this album is widely regarded as the last step in the emancipation music industry. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced six more albums with Jackson.

With Perspective Records Harris and Lewis founded the early 1990s, his own record label. Were Sired by artists such as Bobby Ross Avila, Smooth, Mint Condition, Lo -Key, Solo, Sounds of Blackness Ann Nesby or. Furthermore, they produced for Boyz II Men, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and Michael Jackson ( Scream ).

Reunion with The Time (2008)

On February 10, 2008 The Time played its first match since the sacking of Lewis and Harris back together on one stage. The original cast begeleite at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards the appearance of the artist Rihanna. In June and July 2008, the band played a series of concerts in Las Vegas.


As members of The Time:

  • The time ( 1981)
  • What Time Is It? (1982)
  • Pandemonium (1990 )

As a producer (selection):

  • Klymaxx - Girls Will Be Girls (1982 )
  • S.O.S. Band - On the Rise (1983 )
  • Alexander O'Neal - Alexander O'Neal (1985 )
  • Janet Jackson - Control ( 1986)
  • Alexander O'Neal - Hearsay (1987 )
  • New Edition - Heart Break ( 1988)
  • Janet Jackson - Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989)
  • Karyn White - Ritual of Love ( 1991)
  • Janet Jackson - janet. (1993)
  • Color Me Badd - Time and Chance ( 1993)
  • Boyz II Men - II ( 1994)
  • Karyn White - Make Him Do Right (1994 )
  • Michael Jackson - HIStory Continues, Past, Present and Future Book 1 ~ (1995 )
  • Lionel Richie - Louder than Words (1995 )
  • Mary J. Blige - Love is all we need (1997)
  • TLC - Fanmail (1999)
  • Yolanda Adams - Mountain High ... Valley Low ( 1999)
  • Janet Jackson - Does not Really Matter (2000)
  • Usher - U Remind Me ( 2001)
  • Gwen Stefani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (2004)
  • Chaka Khan - Funk This (2007)
  • Crystal Kay - Color Change! (2008)


Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have received many awards for her work.

Among other things:


  • Terry Lewis was married to the American singer Karyn White. The now divorced couple has a daughter.
  • Jimmy Jam is the current Chairman of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
  • A recurring element in the production of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the use of analog synthesizers and drum machines like the Roland TR -808 or Oberheim synthesizers since the early 80s.