Josef Escher

Josef Escher ( born September 17, 1885 in Simplon Dorf, † December 9, 1954 in Bern ) was a Swiss politician ( SKVP ) from the canton of Valais. As he was Federal Minister of Transport. He died 13 days after his resignation in office.


He studied law in Bern and Berlin and was from 1912 employees and later owner of a lawyer 's and notary's offices in Brig He was president of the Catholic- Conservative Party of Upper Valais ( 1925-1950 ) and the Conservative People's Party of Switzerland ( 1946-1950 ).

Political offices

  • Grand Council (1917-1931, 1937-1950)
  • Grand Council President (1923-1924)
  • National Council (1925-1931, 1936-1950)
  • National President (1948-1949)
  • State Council (1931-1937)
  • State President (1934-1935)
  • Federal Council (1950-1954)
  • Vice President of the Bundesrat (1954 )

As a State

Escher was Head of the Department of Education (1932-1933), the Military Department (1932-1937) and the Department of Finance (1933-1937) of the Canton of Valais.

As a Federal

He was elected on September 14, 1950 on the first ballot in the Bundesrat. The inauguration took place on 16 October 1950. During his office time he held the post and railway department before. On 24 November 1954 he announced his retirement for health reasons known to the end of the year. While the National Council meeting on 9 December 1954, he suffered a breakdown and died later at the Federal Palace. A Pontifical Requiem was held at the Holy Trinity Church in Bern on 11 December 1954. The state funeral took place on 14 December 1954 in the parish church of Glis. His grave is in the cemetery of Glis. In his work, a monument in front of the Church of Glis and on the village square of Simplon Dorf.

Election results in the Federal Assembly