Doris Leuthard

Doris Leuthard (born Doris Leuthard Hausin; born April 10, 1963 in Unterrüti, hometown entitled in Sarnen and Unterrüti ) is a Swiss politician (CVP ). She took over for the year 2010, the Office of the President of the Swiss Confederation.

From 1999 to 2006 she was a National Councillor from 2004 to 2006 Party President of the CVP. Since 1 August 2006, she is member of the Swiss government, the Federal Council, and to the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications ( DETEC). From 2006 to 2010 she was head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (DEA). In 2009, she was Vice President of the Federal Council, and in 2010 she was President of the Confederation.


Doris Leuthard grew up as the oldest of four siblings on. Her father was for many years Parish Clerk of Unterrüti and sat in the Grand Council of the Canton of Aargau. After completion of compulsory schooling in Unterrüti and Muri she attended the district school Wohlen. She studied law at the University of Zurich and went to study in Paris and Calgary. In 1991 she received the bar exam.

Her political career began in 1993 when she was elected school superintendent of the district of Muri. In 1997 the election was followed in the Grand Council of the Canton of Aargau. Through these activities, they became known quickly. In 1999 she was a candidate for both the House of Representatives and for the Senate. Your campaign caused a stir because the former party secretary of the CVP Aargau, Reto Nause, let print thousands of shower gel sachets with her ​​portrait and share. The Aargau newspaper created the headline " showers with Doris ," which became the unofficial campaign slogan. Although it was not enough for the election of Councillor, but Leuthard achieved in the election to the National Council of the best results of the whole canton.

In 2000 they gave their mandates from the school and large councilor and was vice-president of both the cantonal party and the CVP Switzerland. In Parliament she was a member of the Commission for Economic Affairs and Taxation. Following the resignation of party president Philipp Stähelin Doris Leuthard led the party on an interim basis for several months. On September 18, 2004, she was finally elected party president of the CVP.

In the succession choice for Joseph Deiss in 2006 Doris Leuthard was elected in a single candidacy with 133 valid from 234 votes in the Federal Council; her successor in the National Council is Markus Zemp, the party presidium took over Christophe Darbellay.

On 10 December 2008, the United Federal Assembly Doris Leuthard elected with 173 of 198 votes valid Vice President for the year 2009. On 2 December 2009 Doris Leuthard was elected with 158 votes out of 183 valid for the President of the Confederation of 2010.


Doris Leuthard was born on December 8, 2012, chosen as the winner of the Arosa Humor blade 2012, a jury prize of the Arosa Humour Festival.