Kalsoy [ kalsɔi ] (literally: "Men Island " old Faroese spelling also Kallsoy, Danish name Kalso, older spellings Kalsøe or Kalsöe, Calsoe ) is one of 18 islands in the Faroe Islands, is there to the region of the six northern islands. At the same time it has the status of an " outer island " (see Útoyggjar ).

Are located on the east coast of Kalsoy four places: Trøllanes (19 inhabitants) and Mikladalur (34 inhabitants) formed in the north formerly an independent Faroese commune ( municipal Mikladals ). They have been identified to the north islands metropolis Klaksvík. The two villages in the south, Husar (47 inhabitants) and Syðradalur (7 people), have remained as Husa municipal independently.

A fifth place Blankaskáli, was abandoned in the early 19th century.


Kalsoy is about 18 km long and 1-3 km wide and the counterpart to the eastern neighboring island Kunoy ( "Women Island" ). How Kunoy is also Kalsoy of a single ridge that extends from northwest to southeast.

Both islands are separated from each other by the Kalsoyarfjørður. In the West Kalsoy is separated by the relatively wide strait Djúpini of Eysturoy, to the south of the Leirvíksfjørður followed. In the southeast, the island is Borðoy.

The very steep and inaccessible west coast consists partly of bird mountains. Bay Kalsvík is known in the north with the largest Faroese kittiwake colony (see Faroese bird world). To the east, the island falls flat. On this side there are deep valleys with the four settlements.

With 788 meters to the north is the Nestindar the highest mountain of the island. The second highest mountain is 743 m of Botnstindur.

Transport and Tourism

There are regular ferry services from Strandfaraskip Landsins between Klaksvík Syðradalur and Husar (2-3 times daily). Previously, she ran aground at the other places, but today they are all connected by a tunnel system, which was completed in 1986. In the vernacular, the elongated island is called because of the many tunnel openings " Recorder ". See also: List of tunnel in the Faroe Islands

There is no way to take a private car, but a bus runs 2-3 times daily from Husar after Trøllanes.

The northern tip Kallur is achieved by Trøllanes on a hiking trail. Here is one of the lighthouses of the Faroe Islands, and the view is considered to be unique.


  • Hans í Mikladali (1920-1970), painter
  • Bjørn Kalso (* 1966), politician