Sandoy [ sandɔi ] / [ sandi ] (Danish Sandø, German meaning sand island ) is the fifth largest island in the Faroe Islands. The island has 19 peaks, the highest of Tindur with 479 m.

To the region Sandoy include the small offshore islands and Skúvoy Stóra Dímun together with 62 residents. They form the municipality Skúvoy. On Sandoy there are four municipalities with six places: Sandur, Skálavík, Skopun and Húsavík ( with Dalur and Skarvanes ).

Sandoy, Sand Island, has its name from the sandy beaches on its coast. Scenic it is considered among the very rugged islands of the Faroe Islands as the " flattest among the major islands ." Here there is neither tunnel nor steep mountain roads, and so Sandoy is well suited for cycling. A small water mill Sandoy from the 18th century can be seen north of Copenhagen at the Open Air Museum of the Danish National Museum.

Sandoy is linked by ferry to the capital Tórshavn via the newly constructed ferry terminal Gamlarætt. 2004, a feasibility study has been commissioned to calculate the submarine Sandoytunnel after Skopun.