Skopun [ sko ː pʊn ] (Danish: scopes ) is a place of the Faroe Islands on the north coast of the island Sandoy where the strait Skopunarfjørður the island of Streymoy and Hestur separates.

  • Population: 507 ( 1 January 2007)
  • Postcode: FO 240
  • Municipality: Skopunar municipal

The municipality consists of Skopun this one place. It is the second largest sand island. Due to its location it has always been the place was put in to the main island Streymoy. There used to be here but not a settlement, but only a boathouse with rowboat.

The actual resort was founded in 1833. The inhabitants of Skopun possessed not own land, but living from fisheries. This explains why the houses are all very close together.

1897, the church was built from the wood of the old church of Vestmanna. In 1918 the first road here the Faroe Islands, through the valley to Sandur, the main town of the island to the south.

The Port of Skopun was built in 1926. As a result, he was widely extended, until in 1982 he even received a gate that can be closed in high seas, so that the dock is spared. Here is a fillet factory and the fishing fleet of the place.

While in the past the car ferry perverted by Skopun of capital Tórshavn, it continues today from 1991 built port on the southwest coast of Gamlarætt Streymoys. The first time a feasibility study for the Sandoytunnel from there to Skopun was commissioned in October 2004. This 9 -kilometer tunnel would be the longest undersea tunnel in the world.


  • Peter Mohr Dam (1898-1968), former Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands