Kunoy [ ku ː nɪ ] " Ladies Island " (Danish: Kuno ) is one of 18 islands in the Faroe Islands, is there to the geographical region of the six northern islands.

  • Municipality: Kunoyar municipal

The island is the counterpart to the westerly neighbor island Kalsoy, the "Men Island". Both are separated by the Straits Kalsoyarfjørður, and both consist of a ridge which extends from northwest to southeast.

The place Kunoy (80 Ew. ) Lies on the steep western coast of the island. Since 1988, a tunnel that connects the place with Haraldssund (77 Ew. ) On the east coast exists. Both together form the municipality Kunoy.

On Kunoy there used to be a third place: Skarð on the east coast. He was abandoned when all the men of the town came in 1913 when fishing in distress and drowned.

The legend says that the characteristic basalt levels represent on a mountain side of the island the imprint of the planks of Noah's Ark, which is to be landed here. Of course, such a plank was never found, which could underpin the.

Transport links

Kunoy is connected by a causeway at Haraldssund the neighboring island Borðoy in the east. Bus number 504 runs regularly on the track Klaksvík - ANIR - Haraldssund - Kunoy ( place ), replacing the ferry that used to be the island served in public transport.


  • Símun av Skarði (1872-1942), educator, founder of the Community College of the Faroe Islands and poet of the Faroese National Anthem Tú alfagra country mitt.