Fugloy [ fʊg lɔi ː ] / [ fʊg lɪ ː ] ( Danish spelling: Fuglø, literally Bird Island) is the easternmost of the 18 islands in the Faroe Islands and belongs to the geographical region of the six northern islands. At the same time it has the status of an " outer island " (see Útoyggjar ).

  • Number summit: 2
  • Municipality: Fugloyar municipal
  • Locations: Hattarvík (. Ew 17 ), Kirkja (22 inhabitants).

Fugloy is the smallest of the North Island and is located in the extreme north-east of the archipelago. Together with the neighboring island Svinoy, is separated from the Fugloy by the Fugloyarfjørður, it is served by the daily circulating mail boat Masin of Hvannasund on Viðoy. In addition Fugloy is served three times a week by the Faroese helicopter line.


There were efforts by the state to stop this trend. In the 60s of the 20th century were the islanders electricity. In the 1980s, followed by a road between two places, which made the arduous trail superfluous. How tedious is this way, perhaps illustrates the fact that there is a church in both villages, so a church in this way must be often been unreasonable. The Post and from Hattarvík was, however, carried regularly on this route from the provincial deputies.

Similarly, in the 80's was the establishment of a regular helicopter service from Strandfaraskip Landsins or later Atlantic Airways, which makes the supply is largely independent of the vagaries of the weather and the sea. A ride on the mail boat Masin is considered one of the greatest adventures that you can experience on the Faroe Islands. Even with relatively good weather, the lake in Fugloyarfjørður is rough and dangerous. December 7, 1941 fell Fugloyarfjørður example, the steamer SS Sauternes.

As the name suggests bird island, the Faroese birdlife can be well observed here. But also because of its stunning views as the island is a secret among hikers.

Legend of the floating island

Earlier it was believed that Fugloy was a floating island. The Faroese philologist Jakob Jakobsen wrote this:

Coup attempt in the 15th century

Another legend revolves around the three Floksmenn ( bandits ) of Fugloy who wanted to bring in the 15th century the Faroe Islands in their violence. To this end, they raided a time not yet consecrated church building in Svinoy. There they were but overwhelmed and subsequently executed by being pushed over a cliff.