Koltur [ kɔltʊɹ ] (Danish: Kolter, a very old anglicism in Faroese from colt - " foal ", ie Hestur and Koltur - the horse and the foal ) is one of 18 islands in the Faroe Islands and belongs to the region of the main island Streymoy and the community Tórshavn. At the same time it has the status of an " outer island " (see Útoyggjar ).

  • Municipality: Tórshavnar municipal

Koltur is the second smallest island of the Faroe Islands. It is next to Lítla Dímun the only uninhabited island of the Faroe Islands. The settlement history corresponds to that of the neighboring island Hestur. Here once housed 50 people in four villages. It is said that in the past have not spoken to each other two local families. The reason for this knew by the end no more. Between 1989 and 1990, the island was uninhabited until a couple has settled from Kirkjubøur here, which left the island back in the summer of 2012.

Today, the island is subsidized by the Faroese government, and it is planned to reconstruct an old homestead, to stimulate, among other tourism on the island, but mainly because of monument protection. The old farmhouses on Koltur go back to the 16th century and are among the special cultural and historical treasures of the Nordic countries.

A ferry link to Koltur there are not more, but the island is serviced three times a week from the helicopter.

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