Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi

  • Karl -Michael Vogler: Kara Ben Nemsi
  • Heinz Schubert: Hajji Halef Omar
  • Joachim regulations Lien: Hamd el Amasat
  • Hans Epskamp: Mübarek
  • Dieter Hallervorden: wekil
  • Ellen circulation: Amsha
  • Richard Lauffen: Mohammed Emin
  • Wilfried Klaus: matchmaker / Kjaja / Ali
  • Lina Carstens: Mersina
  • Peter Matic: Selim Agha
  • Herbert Fleischmann: Mütessellim
  • Ferdy Mayne: Sir David Lindsay
  • Edwige Pierre: Senitza
  • Hans Wyprächtiger: Maflei
  • Eric Pohlmann: Kadi
  • Peter Capell: Hulam
  • Jean -Pierre Zola: Baruch Schebett
  • Fred Still Krauth: individual
  • Herbert Steinmetz: Jafis / Schimin
  • Willy Semmelrogge: Boschak
  • Katharina Seyferth: Ikbela
  • Richard Höllerbauer: Desilim
  • Heinz Meier: Hamdi
  • Marlies Dräger: Masha
  • Mogens of Gadow: Ibanek
  • Günter Gräwert: Dr. Marter stone
  • Heinz Baumann: Bybar
  • Günter Lamprecht: Jemal, host of Treska Konak
  • Gerd Baltus: Marko, AIIM
  • Hans Helmut Dickow: Sharka
  • Elisabeth Neumann neighborhood: Einödbäuerin
  • Peter Schiff: Ilia
  • Otto Kurth: Bekdschi

Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi is a 26-part television series after the first six Orient novels of Karl May, which was broadcast by ZDF in 1973 and 1975.


The main role of Kara Ben Nemsi played Karl Michael Vogler. Hajji Halef Omar was by Heinz Schubert (known as " disgust Alfred" of one heart and soul) played. The film was directed by Günter Gräwert, who also wrote the screenplay, the music is by Martin Böttcher and the camera led Horst Schier. The series consists of two squadrons each with 13 episodes. In contrast to the Karl May movies of the 1960s were considered in the implementation closer to the novel templates. Produced the series of the Munich film production company Elan film Max Gierke & Co..

The budget of the first season, which was filmed from August to September 1972 in the Carpathians and on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast near Varna and from October to November 1972 in the oases Nefta and Tozeur and in Bizerte in Tunisia, was DM 1.7 million. the second season was not as originally planned, filmed in Yugoslavia, for cost reasons, but from June to August in 1974 in the area around Almeria in Andalusia, southern Spain, the budget exceeded 2.5 million DM Ironically, you missed the opportunity so that action almost at " original locations " recording, as it had done ten years earlier Der Schut for his movie Artur Brauner.


Season 1

Season 2


  • CD: Kara Ben Nemsi Effendi, Tarantula Records FIC SP 1002 ( complete film score )
  • DVD: Kara Ben Nemsi, Koch Media GmbH 2006 /07 (1st and 2nd season and soundtrack CD )