L0 Series Shinkansen

The Shinkansen series L0 (Japanese新 干线L0系 电车, Shinkansen L0 no densha ) is in development as a Japanese high-speed magnetic levitation train, which from 2013 on the extended Yamanashi test track, a part of the planned until 2027 Chūō Shinkansen, for used. His name is composed of L for linear motor and 0, a tribute to the "original " Shinkansen Series 0, thus the beginning of a new era is to be expressed.


2006, the expansion of the 18.4 km long course in Yamanashi prefecture and, consequently, the purchase of 14 train parts was decided. The goal should be to analyze the operation long compilations at over 500 km / h and to develop an efficient maintenance operation for the vehicles. Obtain four end and ten intermediate cars to form various formations can. The prototype of the series L0 was introduced to the public in November 2012. The presentation of the first five-part leaderless set was done in mid-2013. Since August sea trials are, after five years of construction, now at 42.8 kilometers undertaken.

Technology and Design

The series is based on the test vehicle MLX01 that on the Yamanashi route taken tests since 1998. For maximum aerodynamics, the front of the L0 - end cars like the MLX01 - 901A receives a 15 meter long " nose ". The outer shell was further optimized over the predecessor to low air friction back. This is also the fastest possible acceleration of the current only on rubber wheels vehicle from a standstill to 150 km / h, then to bring a pillow similar to the acting electrodynamic levitation system to advantage. The profile of the series is smaller than the previous Shinkansen, different from MLX01 - 901A also rectangular, to allow a comfortable 2 2 seating inside. So at 2.9 m width and 3.1 m in the 28 m long end car 24, in the trailers, with 24.3 m 68 seats will be realized.

The paint with blue stripes on a white background made ​​in the corporate design of the JR Central ( also JR Tōkai ) and engages the theme of " speed " on.