Lateral clicks

A lateral alveolar click, German colloquially Reiterschnalzer or Kutscherschnalzer is a clicking sound ( Schnalzlaut ), in which the tongue sides (hence lateral) brought to the back teeth ( alveolar ) and then pulled away quickly. Like all clicks he is one of the consonants.

  • In the languages ​​isiXhosa isiZulu and the voiceless alveolar lateral click by the letter "x", the fricative by clicking " gx " the aspirated click through " xh " and the nasalized click through " nx " is played.

Phonetic notation:

  • In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA ) is the alveolar lateral click with the character vertical double line, Eng. double pipe, records, and has the IPA number 180 This can be on a computer with two pipe character " | is written ," Unicode he has a glyph » ǁ « LATIN LETTER LATERAL CLICK, with the code point U 01 C1 in Unicode block Latin Extended -B
  • X - SAMPA listed »| \ | \ " ( suitable for 7- bit ASCII code under SAMPA there are no characters )
  • Kirshenbaum listed " l! "

Except Linguistically this Schnalzer is used in Europe by coachmen and riders, and serves to make the horse carefully - as with all clicking sounds most animals respond to this phoneme to.