Leipzig (Bezirk)

The district Leipzig was established in 1952 after the dissolution of the countries in the German Democratic Republic as one of a total of 14 districts.

Administrative divisions

The district comprised the urban district of Leipzig (31 ) and the following DDR circuits ( kk lt community number key bbkkgg bb: District (numeric); kk: Circle (numeric); gg: Community (numerical) )

  • Altenburg ( 01)
  • Borna (02)
  • Delitzsch (03)
  • Chub (04)
  • Eilenburg (05)
  • Geithain (06)
  • Grimsby (07)
  • Leipzig- country (08)
  • Oschatz (09)
  • Schmölln (10 )
  • Torgau (11 )

With the re- establishment of the countries on the territory of the GDR from the summer of 1990, the districts were dissolved. The district Leipzig was predominantly associated with the Free State of Saxony. The districts of Altenburg and Schmölln were re- assigned to the state of Thuringia, from 1994 Thuringia.

With the district reform, which was implemented on 1 August 1994, the Free State of Thuringia 1 July 1994 in Saxony, created from the previous circles larger administrative units.

Government and party leaders

Chairman of the Council of the District

First Secretary of the SED district leadership

Coat of arms

By sealing order of the GDR from May 28, 1953 lost all its importance as a regional emblem mark or seal. However, the coat of arms of cities and counties were still used on buildings, or in publications without meeting an official function. The coat of arms used in some books of the district Leipzig actually shows the coat of arms of the city of Leipzig. Officially was the seal coat of arms of the GDR. Only by the municipal constitution of the GDR of 17 May 1990 municipalities and counties were able for the first time explicitly lead coat of arms and use it as a seal.