Rostock (Bezirk)

The district of Rostock, unofficially also called Baltic Sea district, was established in the course of administrative reform of 1952 in the German Democratic Republic as one of a total of 14 districts. He united the Baltic Sea near of the dissolved state of Mecklenburg -Western Pomerania, which he almost the entire Baltic Sea coast of the GDR consisted of ( a part of the coast line of the Szczecin Lagoon belonged to the district of Neubrandenburg ). The Rostock district led no crest, but occasionally the coat of arms of the city of Rostock has been used as a symbol for the district. With the re- establishment of the country by the German reunification on 3 October 1990, the district Rostock was again part of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Administrative divisions

The district included the city of circles

  • Rostock
  • Greifswald ( from 1 January 1974)
  • Stralsund
  • Wismar

And the following counties:

  • Kreis Bad Doberan
  • Circle mountains (until 31 December 1955)
  • Greifswald county
  • Circle Grevesmühlen
  • Circle of Pomerania
  • Circle Putbus (until 31 December 1955)
  • Circle Ribnitz Damgarten
  • Circle Rostock- country
  • Rügen county ( as of 1 January 1956)
  • Circle Stralsund
  • Circle Wismar
  • Circle Wolgast

Government and party leaders

Chairman of the Council of the District

First Secretary of the SED district leadership

Population Development

  • (1961): 831900
  • (1964): 834593
  • (1971): 859415
  • (1981): 889121