Neubrandenburg (Bezirk)

The district Neubrandenburg was established by the administrative reform in 1952 after the dissolution of the Länder in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) as one of 14 districts. The district conducted no crest. Occasionally, the historical coat of arms of the city of Neubrandenburg was used as a symbol for the district.

Administrative divisions

The district comprised the urban district of Neubrandenburg ( as of 1 January 1969) and the following counties:

With the re- establishment of the countries in the wake of German reunification in 1990, the districts were dissolved. The district Neubrandenburg was predominantly associated with the state of Mecklenburg -Vorpommern. The circles Prenzlau, Templin and, after a referendum in 1992, the municipalities Bagemühl, Grünberg, Nechlin, Woddow, Wollschow - Menkin and the city Bruessow of the district Pasewalk and the municipalities Fahrenholz, Güterberg, Jagow, Lemmersdorf, Lübbenow, Milow, Trebenow, Wilsickow, Wismar and Wolf Hagen of Strasburg came back to the state of Brandenburg.

With the district reform, which was implemented in the state of Mecklenburg -Vorpommern to 12 June 1994 and in the state of Brandenburg to 6 December 1993, emerged from the previous circles larger administrative units.

Government and party leaders

Chairman of the Council of the District

First Secretary of the SED district leadership

Population Development

  • (1955 ): 687,000
  • (1960): 651651
  • (1965): 633209
  • (1975): 626362
  • (1981): 620760
  • (1988): 620467