Leipzig (region)

The region Leipzig was one of three administrative districts within the State of Saxony. He lay in the northwest of the province and was built by decision of the Saxon State Government dated 27 November 1990, 1 January 1991. With approximately one million inhabitants, he was the smallest of the three administrative regions of the Free State of Saxony.

Since the mid -19th century there were in the kingdom of Saxony government funding authorities at the time were called "Circle home teams " and in the course of the story several times changed its limits. In the Third Reich, these were renamed administrative districts. After the Second World War should first back government districts will be built, but this intention was abandoned in 1947.

After the dissolution of the countries in the GDR in 1952 state districts were established. Geographically, the region Leipzig covered with the former East German district of Leipzig with the exception of Altkreise Altenburg and Schmölln which now belong to Thuringia.

Only with the re-establishment of the State of Saxony in 1990 also the basis for the formation of new administrative districts was created. The regional council was converted to Directorate of Directorate Leipzig district in the course of district reform in Saxony in 2008. The new district is around the former county chub smaller, which belongs to the new district of Central Saxony and thus the Direktionsbezirk Chemnitz.

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  • Founded in 1991