Lindi (Region)

Lindi is one of the poorest of the 26 regions of Tanzania. It lies between Dar es Salaam and Mozambique. Approximately 832,000 inhabitants ( Census 2002: 787 624, Growth: 1.4%) live in the districts of Lindi ( Urban / Rural), Kilwa, Nachingwea, Ruangwa and Liwale. The capital is also called Lindi and has about 43,000 inhabitants. On the coast of Lindi large natural gas deposits are suspected. On the barrier island of Songo Songo is already started with the exploitation.

The region was the scene of the 1905-1907 Maji -Maji uprising against the German colonial occupation.

About 75 km north- west of the capital is the mountain Tendaguru, a world-renowned fossil site dating from the Upper Jurassic, from the numerous fossils, especially those of dinosaurs, were recovered. The thence derived skeleton of a Brachiosaurus is brancai exhibited in the Berlin Museum of Natural History and the largest built dinosaur skeleton in the world.