Singida (Region)

Singida is a region of central Tanzania with just over 1 million inhabitants whose capital is also called Singida. It is divided into four districts Iramba, Manyoni, Singida Rural and Singida Urban.


The region occupies the northern part of the central plateau of Tanzania. To the west it falls to the Rift Valley and east to Wembere depression from back. It is arid for the most part, the rainfall decrease generally to the south. 23 % of land in Singida are ( to which one quarter, or 6.6 % of the total area actually used accordingly) agronomically useful, 40 % are ( potential ) pasture land, 36 % is forest land, especially miombo.


Largest ethnic groups in Singida are the Nyiramba, Nyaturu, Kimbu, Gogo, Isanzu, Taturu, Sukuma, Mang'ati, Barabaig and Hadzabe. Furthermore, here a few Nyamwezi and Luo from other regions and mainly live in cities some Asians and Arabs.


95% of the population works in agriculture. The agriculture produces mainly maize, millet, finger millet, sorghum, paddy, cassava and sweet potatoes as cash crops and sunflowers, cotton, tobacco, wheat. Beans, peanuts, peas and onions produced. In the livestock 1.4 million cattle, 0.7 million goats, 0.4 million sheep, 42,000 donkeys and 1.1 million head of poultry are kept. Of the approximately 1.58 million acres of land in Singida, which would theoretically suitable for pasture, but 80 % are infested with tsetse flies, on the other 20 % is the problem of overgrazing.

Industry and mining are of little importance. There are plans to promote the production of honey and beeswax from the forests. To protect natural resources and the corresponding boost tourism, 31 % of the area of the region have been placed under protection. Even the agricultural potential to be used increasingly.


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