Louisville (Kentucky)

Jefferson County


Louisville [ lu ː ivɪl ] is the largest city in the U.S. state of Kentucky, and is located on the border with Indiana on the Ohio River. It was founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clark, who in honor of King Louis XVI. designated by France, as France, the United States supported the founding years in the Revolutionary War.

Louisville is also the seat of county government ( County Seat). In Louisville there is the Southeast Christian Church, one of the largest churches in the United States.


In 2000, the city had 256 231 inhabitants. In 2003, the city partnered with Jefferson County to Louisville Metro, with a population of 741 096 ( 2010 census ). The U.S. Census Bureau classifies the region nonetheless two statistical units, since the population of the Louisville Metro corresponds to the entire Jefferson County. Decisions which the Authority as Louisville / Jefferson County metro government ( balance), Kentucky designated statistical area, which 83 communities of Jefferson County that does not include, included in 2010 a population of 597 337. This number is significant when it comes to the population of Louisville in general, the population of 597 337, for example, in the lists of the largest cities in the United States used and not the population of the Louisville Metro.


Louisville has in addition to its modern town, which corresponds to a typical American city, through several neighborhoods with old buildings and a total of over the largest stock of Victorian mansions outside England. Some of them are registered in the National Register of Historic Places, such as the Peterson - Dumesnil House.


Louisville is best known for the Kentucky Derby, the most watched horse race in the United States. Other attractions include Thunder over Louisville, an air show by the U.S. military and the largest annual fireworks display in the USA over the city. The week before, a balloon race takes place, which is the night before initiated with the Balloon Glow.

On 21 November 2005, the Muhammad Ali Center opened in which a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and work of the boxer Muhammad Ali.

Near the town there is also a mysterious stone fortress from pre-Columbian times. Theories suggest that this was built in the 12th century by the Welsh explorer and alleged first American colonists, Prince Madoc.

Economy and infrastructure

Louisville's economy first developed as a shipping and cargo industry. Its strategic location at the Falls of the Ohio, as well as its unique position in the heart of the United States ( within one day can be achieved on the road 60 % of the continental U.S. ) make it an ideal location for the transfer of cargo. The Louisville and Portland Canal and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad were important links in water and rail transportation. Louisville still has great significance for the freight industry, the world's central hub for UPS Airlines is located at the International Airport of Louisville. Louisville's location at the crossroads of three major Interstate highways (I- 64, I-65 and I-71 ) also contribute to today's strategic importance for the freight industry. The Port of Louisville was the seventh largest inland port in the United States in 2003.

Recently, Louisville has emerged as a major center for the pharmaceutical and medical science company. Louisville played a central role in the progression of heart and hand surgery as well as the treatment of cancer. Some of the first artificial hearts were transplanted in Louisville. Louisville's thriving medical research campus includes a new, 88 million -dollar rehabilitation center and a health research park that is conducted in cooperation with the University of Louisville and has attracted nearly 70 top scientists and researchers. Louisville is also the seat of Humana, one of the largest health insurance company in the United States.

Louisville is home to several major corporations and organizations:

  • Brown - Forman Corporation ( Fortune 1000)
  • Hillerich & Bradsby ( known for Louisville Slugger baseball bats )
  • Hilliard Lyons ( investment firm )
  • Republic Bank
  • Stockyards Bank
  • Humana ( Fortune 500)
  • Kindred Healthcare ( Fortune 500)
  • Norton Healthcare
  • Papa John 's Pizza
  • Pharm Eric ( Fortune 1000)
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Yum! Brands ( owners of KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell which formerly Tricon Global Restaurants to all, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, belonged, as well as Long John Silver's and A & W formerly Yorkshire Global Restaurants were ) ( Fortune 500)

In the city there are two universities, the State University of Louisville and the private Bellarmine University.

Regular events

Since 1901 is here in May, the traditional horse racing Kentucky Derby instead. Since 2007, the Ironman Louisville is Louisville held annually in August. In this triathlon over the Ironman distance is 3.86 km swim, 180.2 km cycling to cope 42.195 km running for the athletes.

Twin Cities

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  • Argentina La Plata ( Argentina)
  • France Montpellier (France, Languedoc -Roussillon )
  • Russia Perm ( Russia)
  • Germany Mainz ( Germany, Rhineland -Palatinate )
  • Ecuador Quito ( Ecuador, Pichincha)
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  • United Kingdom Leeds, United Kingdom

On 15 April 2008 it was announced that Louisville will verschwistern with the City of Bushmills in Northern Ireland. Both places combines traditional Whiskybrauens. The choice fell on Louisville to a search for suitable U.S. cities, a subsequent online survey, in which the public could choose one of the three finalists. The other two finalists included Boston and Portland (Maine).


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