Meet John Doe

Here is John Doe is an American feature film from the year 1941.


Ann Mitchell is a columnist at the newspaper New Bulletin. As a new owner takes over the newspaper, workers are laid off and so did Ann Mitchell. As a final act, she writes an imaginary letter to the editor, signed with John Doe. This John Doe writes about his anger over the treatment of the little people in the U.S. and announces to pounce on Christmas Eve from the Town Hall. The letter is for public sensation and Ann can the editor Connell convince you that this story is worth gold. The newspaper publishers decide to design from the fictional John Doe an actual John Doe. They are committed to the poor, unemployed former baseball player Long John Willoughby. He is new clothes and introduced in his new role. Together with his old comrades The Colonel he is quartered in a luxury hotel. Ann Mitchell accompanied by now. At the life of John Doe along with the articles Published by D. B. Norton recognizes the value of John Doe and uses it for his political ambition. The fascist Norton wants to be presidential candidate and establish a third party as a political force in the American system. John Doe should be tensioned as the engine before the campaign. Ann Mitchell is on his Ghost Writerin. Your career is now nothing in the way, and the threat of unemployment is forgotten. John Doe touring the country with Norton's slogans and creates the National John Doe Movement - until John realizes what a dictatorial plans Norton and above what barrow he can stretch. But the train is already too fast to jump off. John decides to as the fictional John Doe had already announced to take his life. But he can be rescued by Ann and his followers.


" A lively, in parts but also arg sentimental comedy, the restrained critique of capitalism and democratic practices pathos widespread, the satirical attacks but can finish in conciliatory sentimental optimism. "


The film was nominated for best original story in 1942 for an Oscar in the category.