MEGAL pipeline

The Central European Gas Pipeline ( Megal ) is part of the European gas network system in southern Germany. This natural gas pipeline network consists of two lines: the Megal North and the South Megal who meet through a connection line in Roth city.

Import points in Waidhaus from the adjacent network operator Net4Gas and Oberkappel the network of Gas Connect Austria on the West-Austria -Gas-Pipeline. Export points are at Medelsheim to GRTgaz and Oberkappel. Interconnection points with national networks exist to SETG in Gernsheim to TENP and Remich - line ( Luxembourg ) in Mittelbrunn and Rimpar in the Ruhr region.

Operator is the Megal Central European gas pipeline mbH & Co. KG, whose shareholders are Open Grid Europe ( formerly E.ON gas transportation ) with 51 % of the shares, GRTgaz Germany (formerly Gaz de France Germany transport) with 44% and OMV 5%.

  • 2.1 Megal North
  • 2.2 Megal South
  • 2.3 Connection cable Megal North - South Megal


The Treaty establishing the Megal was signed by the original initiators, E.ON Ruhrgas and GDF, 1975; the pipeline took in 1980 on the operation.

Antitrust violation

As part of the plans to build the pipeline in 1975 Megal additional agreements on the division of gas markets in France and Germany have been taken in the year. The original contract partners GDF Suez and E.ON / E.ON Ruhrgas has been accused of this market collusion continues to function improperly, although these, originally lawful competition agreements violated after the opening of the European gas markets since August 2000 against EU law. In July 2009, high cartel fines imposed against the two companies. Both companies filed a lawsuit against the decision and the original antitrust fine of € 533 million each was reduced in June 2012 to € 320 million each.


Between Schwandorf and Wind Mountain, mainly along the existing route of the South Megal ( line 52 ), an approximately 72 km long parallel pipeline was laid, which in October 2012 and started operations on schedule ( line 452 ). It serves the capacity expansion for West-East transport to Eastern Europe. The Teilparallelisierung ( loop line ) is executed in diameter DN 1000 and can work with an operating pressure of up to 100 bar. The total investment amounted to over € 130 million


Megal North

  • Main: 459 km
  • Parallel line: 449 km
  • Main: Waidhaus - Rimpar: DN 1200 (213 miles)
  • Rimpar - Gernsheim: DN 1100 (111 miles)
  • Gernsheim - Mittelbrunn: DN 1000 ( 98 km)
  • Mittelbrunn - Medelsheim: DN 900 (38 miles)
  • Waidhaus - Obergailbach: DN 1100 (449 miles)

Megal South

  • Main: 67.5 bar compressor station: Wildenranna
  • Parallel cable (Loop ): 100.0 bar compressor station: Rothenstadt
  • Main: 167 km
  • Parallel line: 72 km
  • Main line: DN 0800
  • P arallelleitung: DN 1000

Connecting line Megal North - South Megal

( Schwandorf - Roth City)

  • Main line 67.5 bar
  • Parallel line: 100.0 bar
  • Main line: DN 0800
  • Parallel line: DN 1000