Mehdi Taghavi

Mehdi Taghavi Kermani (born 20 February 1987 in Savakhurk, District Mazandaran ) is an Iranian wrestler. He was 2009 and 2011 world champion in free style in lightweight


Mehdi Taghavi Kermani began as a teenager in 2002 with the rings. He concentrated on the free style. He is a member of the wrestling clubs Mooezipoor and is trained by Gholam Mohammadi. He is a student. At a size of 1.70 meters, he struggles as an adult at lightweight, the weight category to 66 kg body weight.

His international career began in 2003, when he finished at the Asian Junior Championship ( Cadets ) in the class up to 50 kg in third place. In 2004 he was in Bishkek Asian junior champion in the same age group and in the weight class up to 54 kg. In 2006 he was in Abu Dhabi Asian junior champion aged Juniors in the weight class up to 60 kg. In the same year he was in Guatemala City Junior World Championships ( Juniors) before Georgi Makischwili, Georgia and Samat Schakupow, Kazakhstan.

Mehdi Taghavi Kermani started in 2007 at the Asian Men's Championship in Bishkek and came up in weight class | Spring weight behind bazaar Basargurujew from Uzbekistan and Shinya OData from Japan to third place. A few weeks later he was again in Beijing Junior World Champion in front of Ismail Redzhep from Bulgaria and Jabrail Hasanow from Azerbaijan. In April 2008, he managed to qualify through a tournament victory for the Olympic Games in Beijing, at a tournament in Martigny / Switzerland. He pointed such a good wrestler as the multiple world champion Serafim Barzakow, Bulgaria, Albert Batirow, Belarus and Suren Markosjan from Armenia to the places. At the Beijing Games he succeeded in lightweight in the first round, a victory over Haislan Garcia Veranes, Canada. But in his second fight he lost to the later Olympic champion Ramazan Shahin of Turkey and then in the consolation round against almost Geandry Garzon Caballero of Cuba ( 1:2 rounds, 4:5 points), which he had come only to tenth place.

Mehdi Taghavi Kermani 2009 in Pattaya for the first time Asian champions before Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu, Japan and the two Koreans Yang Chun -Su (North) and Kim Dae -sung (South). He presented his good form in September 2009 at the World Championships in Herning, Denmark. He defeated there Shalva Agajew, Georgia, Andrei Stadnik, Ukraine, the silver medalist from Beijing, Leonid Spiridonov, Kazakhstan, Muhammad Ilkan, Turkey and Rasul Dschukajew, Russia and became the first world champion. This track he could not defend but at the 2010 World Cup in Moscow. He won there though initially Ichtijar Nawrusow, Uzbekistan and Andrei Stadnik, but then lost to Geandry Garzon Caballero. Since this did not reach the final, he did not come in the consolation round and had to be satisfied with 11th place. Two months later he was in Guangzhou also has its Asia Championship title not defend, because he lost there in the final battle against Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu, finishing behind this second place.

In 2011, he concentrated fully on the World Championship in Istanbul and succeeded, because he was there and with wins over Dejan Mitrow, Macedonia, Inokentij Inokentijew, Kazakhstan, Ali Shabanov, Mawlwt Batirow, Russia, Livan Lopez Ascuy, Cuba Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu for the second time world champion at lightweight.

Mehdi Taghavi Kermani in 2012 succeeded in Gumi / South Korea's second title win at AFC Asian Cup. He won ahead of Maxat Dautbajew, Kazakhstan and Parveen Rana, India. With high hopes, he went at the Olympic Games in London at the start. There he met in his first fight on the Cuban Livan Lopez Ascuy, whom he had defeated in the World Cup 2011. In London, Cubans turned the tables and came to a clear points victory over Mehdi Taghavi Kermani, who retired it because the Cubans did not reach the final battle. It was only the 14th place for him.

International success


  • All competitions in free style
  • OS = The Olympic Games, WM = World Cup
  • Featherweight, up to 60 kg, light weight, to 66 kg body weight


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