Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a Microsoft program that uses the PC as a sort of digital notepad ( scratchpad ). Microsoft advertises that electronic notes can be found again in good order and easy with this program system.


Since January 2011 is available for a limited time for free download from Microsoft an Apple iOS app from the iTunes App Store and, since February 2012, a version of Android on Google Play. Since March 17, 2014 OneNote is also available for Mac OS X. This means that the synchronization of notes on a Windows PC or a Mac and a smartphone with Windows Phone, Android or iOS based devices on OneDrive accounts is possible. Also since mid- March 2014 OneNote is free of charge.


The OneNote notebook is divided into sections with sub-sections that can contain several pages each. Within a page, the page elements can be moved. Text can not only be typed, but written with a tablet PC also directly on the screen. OneNote integrates with various Office programs from Microsoft, which notes, for example, in Microsoft Word, or contact information can be transferred easily from OneNote in Microsoft Outlook.

Notes can thereby be linked to each other. Inserted contents are automatically linked to their origin. For instance, inserted text portions of Web pages are automatically provided with a link. In OneNote, pictures, video files and text can be stored. The integrated text and speech recognition text can be searched for keywords in inserted images (eg screenshots ) and language files ( dictations ).

The notebook in OneNote can be stored on file or Web servers. This opens the possibility to use his notebook also from other locations ( Company / home office ) or to have a third party participate in it. Simultaneous access is possible up to subsections. Investing in a Microsoft SharePoint document library is also possible.

In the operation and handling on Windows is important to note that by docking the program moved the icons from there on the right desktop border and will not be returned after completion of OneNote to the original place.