Mining community

A mountain town is historically a settlement near mineral deposits, which was equipped primarily for the purpose of rapid settlement of workers and enterprises, with the city charter, other special rights (mountain shelf ), tax exemptions or relief and the like. In the time of the first decline of the mining industry by the mid-16th century, the name of the state rule was also given explicitly in order to encourage private investment. This name was also awarded such cities, of which you only hoped for by a larger mining development.

A typical example is in the town of Freiberg, Saxony, which already by naming the law of tax- exempt prospecting for ore becomes clear. Freiberg applies at home historians as the mother of the Saxon mining towns, which has nothing to do with the real political conditions. Rather, Freiberg was the first Wettin mountain town, numerous non Wettin mountain towns followed in other parts of today's Saxony.

Directory known historical mining towns by country



  • Freudenstadt
  • Neubulach
  • Prinzbach


  • Auerbach in der Oberpfalz
  • Pegnitz (city)
  • Ground corn
  • Lam
  • Fichtelbergbahn ( Upper Franconia )

Lower Saxony

  • Altenau
  • Bad Grund
  • Clausthal
  • Zellerfeld
  • According to Thal
  • Upper churches
  • Sankt Andreas Berg
  • Wild man

North Rhine -Westphalia

  • Lüdenscheid


  • Altenberg
  • Annaberg
  • Beech wood
  • Berggießhübel
  • Bleiberg, deserted village near Frankenberg / Sa.
  • Fire
  • Ehrenfriedersdorf
  • Eibenstock
  • Elterlein
  • Ernst Thal
  • Freiberg
  • Geyer
  • Glashütte (Saxony )
  • Hohenstein
  • Johann George Town
  • Lengefeld
  • Loessnitz
  • Marienberg
  • Neustädtel
  • Oberwiesenthal
  • Oederan
  • Sidon
  • Scheibenbergstraße
  • Schneeberg
  • Schwarzenberg / Erzgeb.
  • Thum
  • Voigtsberg
  • Selva
  • Zschopau
  • Zwoenitz






  • George Berg / Miasteczko Śląskie
  • Goldberg, today Złotoryja
  • Wieliczka, today Wieliczka
  • Nikol city, today Mikołajowice
  • Salzberg, today Bochnia
  • Wilhelmstal today Bolesławów

Slovakia / Hungary

Upper Hungarian mining towns

  • Göllnitz, today Gelnica
  • Jossau, today Jasov
  • Schmöllnitz, today Smolník
  • Rosenau, today Rožňava
  • Ruda, today Rudabánya in Hungary
  • Telken, today Telkibánya in Hungary
  • Zipser Neudorf, today Ves

Lower Hungarian mining towns

  • Dilln, today Banská Bela
  • Königsberg, today Nová Bana
  • Kremnitz, today Kremnica
  • Libethen, today Ľubietová
  • Zvolen, Zvolen today
  • Pukanz, today Pukanec
  • Schemnitz, today Banská Štiavnica


  • Abertham, today Abertamy
  • Adam town, today Adamov
  • Adamsfreiheit, today Hůrky
  • Bärringen, today Pernink
  • Bergreichenstein, today Kašperské Hory
  • Mining town, today Horni Mesto
  • Lead city, today Oloví
  • Bohemian Wiesenthal, today Loučná pod Klínovcem
  • Owl, today Jílové near Prague
  • St. George valley, today Jiřetín pod Jedlovou
  • Goldeck ( Moravian Old Town), Stare Mesto pod today Sněžníkem
  • Goldstein, today Branná
  • Gossengrün, today Krajková
  • Gottesgab, today Bozi Dar
  • Grains, today Krupka
  • Hartmanice, today Hartmanice
  • Jihlava, Jihlava today
  • Jachymov, today Jáchymov
  • Johannesthal, today Janov
  • St. Catherine Mountain, today Hora Svaté Kateřiny
  • Monastery grave, today Hrob
  • Kupferberg, today Měděnec
  • Kutna Hora, today Kutna Hora
  • Lauterbach ( Kaiserwald ) (City no longer exists)
  • Mies, today Stříbro
  • Neustadt ad Tafelfichte, today Nové Město pod Smrkem
  • Plan today Plana
  • Place today Místo
  • Plates, today Horni Blatna
  • Preßnitz (city no longer exists)
  • Pribram
  • Rudolf city, today Rudolfov
  • Schlaggenwald, today Slavkov
  • Sebastian Berg, today Hora Svatého Šebestiána
  • Schoenberg, today Krasna Hora nad Vltavou
  • Sonnenberg, today Vysluni
  • Under rich stone, today Rejštejn
  • Vodňany, today Vodňany
  • Zuckmantel today Zlaté Hory