Mutsu (Aomori)

Mutsu (in Japaneseむつ 市, -shi ) is a city in Aomori Prefecture on Honshu, the main island of Japan.


Mutsu is located north of Aomori on the Shimokita Peninsula on the Mutsu Bay and the Tsugaru Strait.


Mutsu on September 1, 1959 as Ominato - Tanabu (大 凑 田 名 部 市, -shi) from the union of the two communities Ominato (大 凑 町, machi ) (田 名 部 町, machi ) founded and Tanabu district Shimokita. With six characters, it was up to the establishment of Ichiki - Kushikino (いちき串木野 市) in 2003 with seven characters of the longest name of a city in Japan. With 9 Moren he still holds the record for the longest city name according to Moren. On 1 August 1960, the renaming in Mutsu (むつ 市) was performed. She was thus the first city whose name in hiragana instead was fully written with kanji ( see also Japanese toponyms in Cana ).

On 14 March 2005, the municipalities were Kawauchi (川 内 町, machi ), Ohata (大 町, machi -畑) and the village Wakinosawa (胁 野 沢 村, -mura ) amalgamated from the county Shimokita.


  • Train: JR Ominato - line
  • National road 279, 338


  • United States Port Angeles, since 1995

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Ryu Fujisaki ( mangaka, illustrator )
  • Ken'ichi Matsuyama ( actor)